trumpetj22 (trumpetj22) wrote in alleghenypeople,

Make what you want as a tutor. Pay what you want for a tutor.

Trying to spread the word to everyone out there paying more than they want for a tutor or making less than they want as a tutor.  Take a look at  Tutors list their credentials and self-chosen wage in each subject.  For tutors, this means you make exactly what you want per hour in any subject you want.  For those in need of tutors, this means you get the benefit of competition.  Since you choose your tutors based on their prices and credentials, tutors compete for you.  I’ve found it’s a great way to pull in some really quick and easy extra money as a tutor.  It’s also got tutors in just about every subject.


Tutors, you can list yourself under as many subjects as you want for only $8.95 per month.

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