shazampersand (shazampersand) wrote in alleghenypeople,

Hi there --

I'm an admitted student and I'm very interested in attending Allegheny, but I'm torn between this school and one other and I'm having a hard time deciding. This is because of a few concerns/questions I have about Allegheny that weren't cleared up by a visit to the campus. If you guys could help out, I'd really appreciate it.

First off, what's the culture like at Allegheny? I'm confident about the quality of the academics, and I'm impressed by everything I've heard about the Honor Code and the accessibility of professors, etc, but I haven't heard as much about Allegheny's social life. Are there things going on beyond the Greek life? Like, is there a funky geeky gay-friendly kind of thing going on, and a sense of community that doesn't revolve around sports or frats?

Second, what's public transportation like? Googling has brought me to things like the CATA bus, but is that actually good for getting around the area, and to train stations and airports? For example, if I wanted to take a weekend trip after class lets out on Friday and didn't own a car, would that be feasible?

Thanks in advance and I hope you're all having fun on your summer break. :D
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