chlarkkent (chlarkkent) wrote in alleghenypeople,

sadness :(

I was just wondering what everyone has done in order to afford Allegheny College. I want to be there more than anything, but we have a remaining balance left over that is far too much than what my family can afford. I got the Trustee Scholarship and an Allegheny Grant, but my parents are unable to take out loans due to past financial mistakes. Is there any advice I could be given regarding how to make ends meet? I know about additional loans that students can take out if their parents are denied the Parent Plus Loan, but I essentially have a full ride at Seton Hill and it would be foolish to put myself in a life-long debt when it could be avoided. However, I REALLY don't want to go to Seton Hill, and I wish to major in Neuroscience and Psychology (which I couldn't do at Seton Hill). Thanks if anyone could help :/ 
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