chlarkkent (chlarkkent) wrote in alleghenypeople,

I'm in!

I just wanted to tell everyone here that you might be seeing me next fall :D My acceptance letter came last week! I'll probably be scheduling an overnight visit sometime in January or February and I'll post again (with more details) once I know for sure. 

I have one question about financial aid. Is there a maximum amount of money allotted for an Allegheny Grant?

And out of curiosity, what is your major? I can't decide if I want to major in Communications, Psychology, or Computer Science. Does anyone have a double-major? I was thinking that I could maybe have a double major in Communications and Computer Science. By doing that, I would be able to work as a Computer Software Engineer or Programmer and the Communications skills would allow me to work more efficiently with customers. Any thoughts?
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Congrats on your acceptance!

Allegheny Grants are given based on your financial need. Everyone gets a different amount, but most of the people I know have gotten some amount of money.

Lots of people double major. I am a theatre / enviro sci double. It's totally possible to be a double if you are willing to do the work.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. My email is

Take care,

I'm a psych major (music theory minor), and I love it. The psych minor is very easy, or so I've heard, and would probably work pretty well with the majors you're considering. Just don't forget to take classes outside of your major(s)/minor(s), too - I'm doing it for the very first time as a second semester junior. :P
Congrats on the acceptance!
Oh, and the email address is I can't let Liz get all the fun questions...